of Fife Junior Football
Part II
1996 to the present day
Below lies a list of seasons in which Junior football has been played in Fife between 1996 and the present day.Please note that the link to the reference for the Scottish Junior Cup book by Paul C does not work.

Select a year to see a list of the Cup competitions and League competitions that have been played for that season in Fife.

League competitions
The League results are displayed in a grid form, where the list of teams down the right hand side are the home teams, and the away teams are listed along the top.
Where there is no result, I have been unable to find the score for that game.
The Cup competitions are also listed in a grid format.
The Competition name heads the list, and the teams are paired off from the top down.
The corresponding round that the game took part in is read down from the underlined numbers next to the Competition name ;
1: First round, 2 : second etc,
S : Semi-Final and F : Final.
Where there is an 'x' or '-' beside a team in a round, this is a don't care, as it concerns a team from outwith Fife.
An 'X' entry for a game is for an unknown score - but a game did take place.
Should anybody know of a wrong score, or a missing score, could they get in touch with me through this link.
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